Monday, February 24, 2014

Joffrey Ballet- contemporary choreographers

I've been going to see Joffrey performances for the past few years after getting a groupon with some girlfriends. It is so fun to see friends, go downtown and be in the beautiful Auditorium Theatre. The latest performance was a few weeks ago and I wish I could find it on video to share but all I could find was their preview video. There were three performances as part of their Contemporary Choreographers, some were better than other but overall I was so happy I got to see them, it was so inspiring!

Kyle Abraham

Sad I missed this performance at MCA Chicago!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014


I've come across two projects recently that I think are really worth passing on. The first one is from one of my former students from Marwen. Queion is in his first year of college at Drake University and is trying to raise money for a trip to South Africa this summer where he will visit Johannesburg, Cape Town and Kruger National Park. I was lucky enough to visit all of those places when I was young and it had such a huge impact on me, I'm so excited for him!

The next project is very different, our local bakery, La Boulangerie, recently had to close and they are looking to reopen in the neighborhood. I bought their bread every week at our farmer's market and was so bummed to hear they closed. They have started a kickstarter campaign to raise some money, check it out: