Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Longman & Eagle Inn

For our first anniversary we wanted to do something special but didn't really want to travel far since we've been away a lot this year. So we decided to book a room at the Longman & Eagle Inn and have dinner there. It felt a little weird going "on vacation" someplace so close but it was fantastic! We really felt like we were getting away and coming home the next day took 10 minutes which was awesome. Here are some photos and details from our time there, I highly recommend it!!

Here's our room, they have 6 different rooms ranging in price from $75-$200 so we chose one right in the middle. I loved the design of everything, it was very modern and comfortable and well thought out.
This was our free gift in our room!

And they had an awesome tape deck with pre-made mixtapes for us to listen to! Our favorite was "Raps":)
Our room's wallpaper were prints by super talented duo, Sonnenzimmer

A pretty terrarium

On our way to dinner
I should also mention they give you two free drink tokens in your room, an awesome mini-bar/fridge and will hold a table for you in the restaurant if you tell them when you check in that you want to eat there which means we had no wait on a Saturday night!And this goes without saying but our meal that night was off the charts.

The next morning we walked over to Lula for brunch which was also amazing. All in all a fantastic way to celebrate our first year of marriage!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Big Kids Magazine

“He uses his words to protect himself from the falling icebergs”. Luca, age 8.

BIG Kids Magazine is a contemporary arts publication for children. Driven by discovery, experimentation and response, we invite children to participate in topical conversations about art and the world. With a senior editor who is eight years old, BIG challenges hierarchies of who is listening and who is speaking to amplify small voices in BIG ways.

more info here

via fine little day

Brian Dettmer

I just saw that Brian Dettmer is showing some new works at Packer Schopf Gallery. Being into books, words, maps, etc., I've been a fan of most of his work that I've seen. But after awhile, it can start to look similar. I was excited to see the new series he's done with paperbacks and text. Here are some photos from the show, including some pieces that are more reminiscent of his older works. These are pretty small but the images on the gallery website are larger.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Image transfer workshop- Spudnik Press

Last week I took a one-night workshop at Spudnik Press that focused on image transfers. I've used various image transfer methods in the past in my own work and in courses that I've taught but I felt like I needed a refresher. Two of my colleagues from Marwen were also taking the workshop and it was so fun! I learned a couple of new techniques that I'm excited to play around with some more- like using wintergreen oil, an icy/hot stick and a blender pen to transfer laserjet images. We also talked about acrylic/gel medium transfers which I've done before. It was so nice to work in a creative space with other people! I'm so used to working alone in my studio, I want to push myself more to take courses/workshops more.