Friday, March 14, 2008

Coming and Going

This is a series I did when I lived in Boston for grad school at MassArt.
Shortly after I moved there, I got mugged on my doorstep. Going home and leaving my house suddenly became pretty stressful. I made this series as a way to document the seemingly simple act of coming and going. The sequence got all jumbled as I was adding the images to this post so to see the proper order, go to my flickr page.


carrielynn said...

kate... these are beautiful. the light is just perfect.

Jack Cantey said...


I like this series quite a bit, quite a lot, even before I read your explanation below the images. Well done. Enjoy your Ragdale sojourn!

Jack C.

kathryn.rodrigues said...

thanks Jack! i heard you were back in town, you should come by marwen sometime, or at least we'll have to round up the troops to grab drinks after i'm back in town. hope all is well